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Dear Customer and Friend, welcome to the "Andi Laksmana store. Andi Laksmana is local designers in Bali. He started making jackets, suits, and leather fashion products in 2005 in Legian, Bali. Over 16-year many of experience in custom style, especially leather, makes him proud to deliver the best quality and price. Most of his customers from Australia, New Zealand. The USA was on vacation in Bali.

They are often time designed based on customer requests, such as customizing or making a similar style sample or pic. In the long run, you will be more than pleased to find out that anything you will buy from Andi's store will prove to be worth more than the price you paid. The greatest wish and pleasure is to know that you will enjoy your purchases for many years to come, and should you ever have the opportunity of visiting the Andi Store in Bali, please come and see us.

Join with many satisfied happy customers were meet us in Bali. best price and quality our guarantee